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Hal Bame

Video Games, Technology, Blockchain entrepreneur

Hal Bame has amassed over 15 years of international video games, technology and Blockchain industry experience across global markets, having lived and worked across Asia, Europe and the US.
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About me

A picture of Hal Bame Hal Bame is CEO of MagnaChain, a soon-to-be-launched new public Blockchain protocol. MagnaChain is a completely new, built from scratch, public Blockchain and related integration toolset used for distributed application (dApp) development.
MagnaChain allows game developers to break free of current industry obstacles and seamlessly get their games onto the MagnaChain Blockchain and supporting ecosystem. https://magnachain.co

Hal Bame previously worked in the esports industry with ESL (the worlds leading esports company), developing the company's business in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Japan. Hal Bame was also co-founder at Nemesis, a Singapore-based startup and casual Esports gaming platform focusing on B2B and mobile. Prior to that, Hal Bame held roles at Codemasters, as Vice President of Distributor Territories and Emerging Markets and previous to that, he was with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (PlayStation), heading up their efforts in Central and Eastern Europe.

Extensive international experience in emerging market business development working with a variety of partners both inside and outside the interactive entertainment / video gaming industry.

Team-orientated entrepreneur and focused on achieving strategic, tangible and measured business goals - not just keeping a 'machine' running.

Specific experience in emerging / APAC markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong, SE Asia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, India as well as Russia, Poland / Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East, South Africa & Turkey; as well as experience in established European markets including Spain, Italy & Nordic region.

Specialties: Blockchain technology, interactive entertainment business development, partnerships, fundraising, international expansion, distribution partnerships & negotiations, sales, PR & marketing, entrepreneur, brand/franchise development.

Publication of Hal Bame

Hal Bame point out how Blockchain can save Game Developers.
Hal Bame: How Blockchain can safe Game Developers

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